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The Reason Behind Zen Body Care

Eric Rovegno

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Zen Body Care started its roots in the ideology of Eric Rovegno. My belief was simple and that was to live life with some balance. It's through this practice that I have met some very gifted and unique people. Each of them acting as a guide towards becoming more informed about myself and what it was I was seeking.

I have always believed in giving to people, no matter how that may have been. I grew to appreciate all the little things in life through this. Not for the stereo typical they are worse off than me, but in that they for the most part have chosen that path. When I say they, I have and continue to pick up travelers. They are the few who will travel from state to state owing to weather to find work. Make their money and when weather changes they're on the road again. Some of the most enlightening conversations came from travelers for me. They taught me that I have a choice in my life and that no matter what, at the end of the day I have no one else to blame but myself. Harsh reality, huh!? Yet, those words resonate throughout my body, mind and down to the core of my very being. 

Then there are those who are still in my life and it's my hope that they will be forever. They have brought peace and love into my heart, some through pain while most through laughter and love. They have taught me that I am much stronger than I could have ever imagined. That I am meant to do great things for not just myself but so many others along the way.

You see, we meet someone new about once a week and maybe if we are open enough will sit down and talk with them no matter who they are. Just the other day I walked into Wal-Mart and sat down on the bench in front of the bathrooms. This older guy, real husky and mean looking was sitting there with enough room between him and another person to allow me to sit. I looked at him and asked how he was and if he minded if I sat down there. He said, "No, not at all." When I sat down we started talking about the weather and I quickly found out that he just moved to Pueblo and was looking for some work and a place to rent and no he didn’t asked for money or anything, just a little advice about the area. I happily gave it to him. When my girlfriend, Zita had come out of the restroom I stood up and as I did he did as well. He wanted to shake my hand, at which point I had offered to give him my number. He graciously said thank you and we walked off. But from that very experience it gave me an even deeper perspective into my life and how I want to live it. I don't want stress, I don't want anger and I most certainly don't want hate.

These philosophies run deep into my bones and it helps me on this journey to becoming more self aware and enlightened. It helps me to keep my passions and desires within due bounds.

It's the many stories like this one that have brought being Zen into my life. It's allowed me a glimpse into the hearts and souls of others around me. I have a gift when it comes to people. They will open up and at times tell me some of the deepest secrets they hold. Things they say they've never spoke of before to anyone. At times I feel like it's a curse while others it's a beautiful gift. A gift that I can offer to them as a helping and healing hand.



One way to think of zen is this: a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

"Sun is warmgrass is green."

by justanotherperson July 27, 2005

So why Zen Body Care? The answer is simply that we believe in giving you a piece of mind that your body will be taken care of and that you will have a wonderful balance between your Mind & Body. 

I wish you all a beautiful, healthy and prosperous life.

"Remember to live, laugh and love unconditionally.."



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