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Top Picks from Zen Body Care that Are Perfect for Summer!

Eric Rovegno

Summer is here in full swing and it’s always fun to spend some time in the sun. While you’re out soaking up the goodness, pay some attention to your skin. At Zen Body Care, we’re always designing products that allow you to pamper your skin. From cleansing to moisturizing, you can find a large range of products in our inventory.

The best part is that we only use all natural, organic products so you can give your skin some much needed love. If you’re wondering which products are perfect for you this summer, take a look at some of our recommendations!

Beachy Days Soap Bar
A goat milk soap bar that will transport you to the beach with its amazing scent, the Beachy Days soap bar is perfect for any skin type. The soap completely captures that scent of the sand, sun and the ocean spray and will rejuvenate your mind and body, every time you use it.

Zen Renue Soap Bar
Revitalize your skin this summer with the Zen Renue soap bar. Crafted from high quality ingredients, this bar contains a blend of goat milk and essential oils that love your skin. The shea butter and jojoba oil make it extremely moisturizing whereas the essential oils will improve your skin tone and texture.

Zen Clear Soap Bar
Summer can be tough on oily skin as it triggers acne too. Give your skin a break with the Zen Clear soap bar. Specifically designed to handle acne, the Zen Clear bar works wonders in clearing acne and also gets rid of acne scars. The bar also improves your complexion and revives the natural glow of your skin with repeated use.

At Zen Body Care, you don’t just find goat milk soap bars; we also make other skin care products, including goat milk lotions. The following are some of the best goat milk lotions that are going to be perfect for summer!

Zen Renue Lotion
Part of the Zen Renue body care range, the Zen Renue goat milk lotion contains all the goodness of the soap bar, condensed into lotion form. The harmonious blend of goat milk and essential oils will allow your skin to naturally glow and stay properly hydrated. As an added bonus, this lotion also has sun-screen qualities, allowing you to enjoy your time in the sun with ease.

Jasmine Lotion
A goat milk lotion that is scented w8ith the alluring smell of the jasmine flower, this goat milk lotion will soothe your skin and your mind. The delicate scent will make wearing this lotion extremely enjoyable whereas the ingredients will help to nourish and moisturize your skin.

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At Zen Body Care, we’re always doing our best to offer you skin care products that are suited to your skin and preferences. For this reason, we also offer customization services for the scent in your goat milk soap. Moreover, our soaps contain organic ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil and more that can trigger nut allergies or other allergies. Please do a skin test before use to ensure best results.

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