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Using Zen Philosophy to Improve Your Skin Health

Eric Rovegno

Zen PhilosophyBasically Zen philosophy teaches you to start small, develop healthy habits, pick up good habits by performing the simplest tasks then building up, making a commitment, remaining accountable, practicing mindfulness and taking in the right foods the cleanse the body of toxins. You could use Zen philosophy to improve your skin health, especially when you must limit your internal and external exposure to toxins.

Acknowledge the problem

This includes acknowledging that the mainstream cosmetics and skincare products are loaded with thousands of toxins that are harming your health. The chemicals in products cause adverse reactions on your skin – causing rashes, inflammation, redness, and breakouts.

If one product doesn’t work for you, you keep switching to other products, without allowing your skin to build tolerance. The toxins are easily absorbed into the skin, cause cellular damage, build up, and create further problems. The toxins enter your bloodstream, lower your immunity, prevent cell revival, and speed up the aging process.

Really think about the consequences that the products are having for your skin and physiological health. Do a background research on products before your decide to purchase them. Stop using multiple products on the skin.

Cleanse your body

Eating proper food, drinking clean juices and using organic products can effectively help your body in getting rid of existing toxins and preventing foreign toxins from invading. Organic products do not contain toxins and are comparatively softer on the skin. They do not contain toxins and have long-lasting benefits for your health.

Regular usage of organic products enables skin tissue renewal and prevents premature aging. Natural products comprise of nourishing nutrients that can heal the skin deep from tissues and radiate a youthful glow.

Less is more

There’s no point in using multiple products on your skin as the toxins are only harming your health and making you prone to diseases. The idea is to remain gentle on your skin and keep it simple. Organic products renew skin cells and enable you to look fresh; therefore, you wouldn’t be required to put as many products on your body to look good and refreshed all the time. Use only a few products and you are good to go.

Organic face and body washes can also go a long way in enabling skin revival and retaining moisture so that there are days when you could go outdoors without makeup and still look fresh.

Eating the right food provides your body with the daily nourishment that it needs. This nourishment is necessary for cell renewal, and for a radiant and healthy glow. Exercise and meditation improve your metabolism and help you feel energized. A combination of healthy foods, exercise and organic products can work wonders for your physical, skin and mental health and help you live longer, happier and healthier!

Cut bad habits

When you are trying to make a positive change, you would need to take small steps to cut bad habits that could be destroying your health. Identify what is causing the problem then take small steps everyday for a better health.

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