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Why You Should Switch to Organic Products Now 

Eric Rovegno


Natural, skin, goat milkRight, so this is not to imply that you should COMPLETELY STOP using mainstream skincare or cosmetic products. Parabens, Triclosan, SLS, SLES and propylene glycol are the chemicals commonly found in products that you are using every day. Before you leave the washroom in the morning, you have probably used hundreds of chemicals already while washing your face, taking a bath and applying moisturizers.


Toxins enter your bloodstream

Your products contain thousands of chemicals that impose dire threats to your skin and health in the long-run. Toxins in products could also cause allergic reaction and lower your immunity system. The chemicals are absorbed into the body, irritate the skin, and destroy skin tissues.  

Now it is obviously impossible to prevent toxins from getting into your body because they are coming from all sources – food, drinks, contact with other people or surfaces etc. – but you can definitely control the amount of toxins that you take in. The point is to keep your immunity system strong enough to fight off toxins and remain youthful.

Before purchasing products, it is important to do your research beforehand and check the labels or ingredients. When you switch to organic products, you want to make sure that they are supplied by certified organic companies. It’s your skin and health after all. Taking in toxins everyday is easily a recipe for disaster and skin or health disorders. You want to keep yourself healthy inside and out to be able to enjoy life fully.

Natural remedy for glowing skin

Organic skincare products are effective in helping you get naturally glowing skin and penetrating deep into the skin to rejuvenate or repair skin cells. Organic products help maintain the protective layer and pH balance of skin and slow down the biological aging process. Since natural products are free of pesticides, insecticides, and other toxins, they are beneficial for you and the environment.

Gentle on the skin

You may have noticed that when you keep switching between cosmetics, your skin tends to get rough, inflamed, irritated, and extremely dry, or extremely oily and acne prone. That is because of the different chemicals present in products getting into your skin. Your skin takes times to build tolerance to a product.

You wouldn’t get as many harsh reactions from natural products. Organic products hydrate your skin, retain moisture, and maintain the natural pH balance. Usually, the pharmaceutical balms and moisturizers you get contain sulfate, which dries out your skin. Natural products contain nourishing minerals that protect your skin.

Easy on the wallet

Since organic products can display quicker results on your skin, do not have adverse reactions and have long-lasting benefits, you wouldn’t need to use as many products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. With naturally glowing skin, you wouldn’t need to put as much makeup or get expensive cosmetic procedures done when you would be taking care of your skin right at home.

They smell much better

Imagine being transferred to a tropical forest, wild orchard, or isolated beach, with the aroma of palm trees. That’s the amazing effect of organic products. Since they are extracted from nature and do not contain toxins that take away their natural fragrance. Artificial fragrances don’t last as long and are detrimental for your health. After using organic products, you’ll notice a pleasant natural fragrance on yourself and not want to revert.

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