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About the Herd and Zen Body Care

Meet Eric Rovegno

Zen Body Care, Eric Rovegno

The love Eric has for animals had led him to soon finding himself to getting his first herd of Dairy Goats back in 2015. With several visits with his new friend Sherry who sold him the goats and taught him everything she knew.  He was confident in his decision. His family grew by 3 new beautiful bred Does; Bernie, Mazzie and Vu Due. 

Goat Milk Herd

This was the beginning of a beautiful journey that led him to the idea of taking his knowledge of Essential Oils and now goats milk with all the extensive research he had done to his now amazing goat milk products that help heal, moisturize, treat eczema and much, much more. 

Today, Zen Body Care has 8 goats on they're property and treats them like they are family. They're names are Vu Due, Mazzie, Goat Girl, Fressia, Elvis, Olive, Chela and Franky.

Zen Body Care, OliveZen Body Care,  Franky

Zen Body Care,  ChelaZen Body Care,  Vu Due

Zen Body Care,  Mazzie

More pictures to come.. 

The Buck

In 2016, our Lamancha Buck was born, Elvis. Who is the most loving boy we've ever had. His personality is very playful and loves getting attention and rubbed. He is the proud soon to be daddy of all our girls. (Pictures to come) 

Kids Galore

Zen Body Care,  Kids (Baby Goats)Zen Body Care,  Kid (Baby Goat)

We bottle feed all of our Kids ensuring a very friendly and loving goat that will be easier to handle.

Zen Body Care

We love allowing people the chance to come by and see the goats, and if you happen to come at the right time you may even have the chance to milk one of our Does. 😊 


And, of course, we have our milk does. We are up to 4 milk does right now, including our beloved Vu Due, Mazzie,  Freessia and Goat Girl. They are wonderful milk does who have been giving us milk for our family for years, along with several others. 

Caring for Our Goats

The Milking Routine

At the Zen Body Care we have a milking schedule for our girls. Once in the morning and once in the evening. We take turns with the chores with our goats. This helps relieve having one person being responsible for any one chore and makes for a more enjoyable experience.  


Fresh goat's milk is the most foundational ingredient in all of our soaps!

Their Feed

We are only feeding our girls Organically grown Alfalfa coming from one of our friends who also grows organic produce for the local farmers market too. We believe that in order to keep our milk tasting as amazing as it does we need to keep our girls eating the same feed, with us giving them small treats like apples, pears, lettuce and more. 

Their Supplements

Just like us, goats need to get supplemental nutrients to help with not only having healthier and happier goats, but healthy Kids as well. There are certain nutrients that the goats need in addition to the hay they eat. The Pueblo area tends to be low in selenium, and it is so important for them to get due to the due tothe developement of the babies as they develope in the womb. So, we give our girls a free form mineral supplement, especially during pregnancy. This helps to produce good looking offspring and great milk.

Their Medicine

Our goats are never vaccinated or immunized which means you'll never get any of these ingredients in the goat milk that we use to our goat milk soap products. 


We dehorn our goats when they’re young so that their horns don't get stuck in the fences. This also keeps them from being able to injure one another. In the wild, these horns would be more necessary for their protection, but not here in their home on the farm.

Trimming Their Hooves

Just like how humans have fingernails that need to be regularly trimmed, goats have hooves that need to be maintained and groomed. Without proper trimming, their hooves will grow long and may cause the goats to walk poorly or have joint troubles. This trimming can be done with either a special pair of trimming scissors.


Every year is an exciting one when it comes to breeding our goats. Joy and laughter come when each of our Does have their kids. The kids are always so lively and love hoping around where ever they go. With the birth of the kids comes the production of milk.

It's this time when we begin making Cheese, Yogurt and lots of soaps, lotions, bath bombs and lip balms.


Kidding season (when the baby goats are born) is in the spring, typically between March and June, and is one of our favorite times of year here on the farm. Marilee often gets to help with the delivery even though most of the does kid without us knowing and mother and baby are just fine. Sometimes the first-year does need a bit of extra help having the kids latch on, which we find to be a fun chance to be with the new kids.


Our Motto At Zen Body Care: Happy Goats = Great Milk

We believe that in order to maintain a happy, stress free farm we need to be treating our girls with love and providing them with all the beneficialy nutrients & vitamins they need. We’re believe that happy, healthy goats produce amazing milk, so going the extra mile for us is something that comes naturally. The care we deliver to our goats shines through in the quality of our goat milk products; give our goat milk soap, lotions and bath bombs a try today to see and feel the difference for yourself.

We absolutely love showing off our girls and welcome you to come outand visit it anytime you'd like. During your  visit you'll get to give them snacks and best of all get a free sample of our travel size bars of our famous goat milk soaps here at Zen Body Care.